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Whether you are looking for stock mouldings or to duplicate the details in a Victorian home, Westcoast has one of the largest stocking inventory of mouldings, including baseboards, casings, crowns, stops and screens, brick moulds, coves, quarter rounds, panel moulds, burlap, chair rail, wainscoting, T&G V-joint paneling (beaded, v-groove, pick wick, and gap), architraves (headers), collections, window stools, and other finishing mouldings.


We carry a very wide range of dimensional flatstock in a large varieties of species.

Sheet Goods

Selection of stain grade plywoods and the largest selection of mdf sheets in various thicknesses and sheet sizes.


Speak to our door experts for your interior, exterior, bifold, French, paint and staingrade, fire rated, or custom doors.

Door Hardware

All the hardware you need for your door, including locks, hinges, passage sets, keyless entries, and more…


On site millwork and CNC machine. Have a sketch on a piece of paper? An inspiring photo? An architectural drawing? Whatever you dream, we can build it.

Stair Division

Elaborate helix stairs? Free standing curved stairs? Straight stairs? You got it. Westcoast Moulding & Millwork Limited craftsmen design and build high quality stairs to your specifications that exceed your expectations.


Green friendly (NAUF) mouldings also available in many flat stocks and profiles.

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  1. Product Picture Name


    WM3714 PANEL MLD

    3/4" X 1-3/8" Learn More
  2. WM518



    3/8"X2-1/4" Learn More
  3. WM521 PRIMED


    WM521 PRIMED

    1/2"X2-1/2" E2E Learn More
  4. E2E 1/2"X 3-1/4"
    E2E 1/2"X 3-1/4" Learn More
  5. PRIMED 2X4 88"JAMB 1-3/8
    1-3/8"RABX4-9/16"X1-1/4" Learn More
  6. PRIMED 2X4 100"JAMB 1-3/8
    4-9/16"X 1-3/8"RAB Learn More
  7. PRIMED 2X6 88"JAMB 1-3/8
    1-3/8"RABX6-9/16"X1-1/4" Learn More
  8. PRIMED 2X6 100"JAMB 1-3/8
    6-9/16"X 1-3/8"RAB JAMB Learn More
  9. PRIMED 2X4 88"JAMBS 1-3/4
    1-3/4"RABX4-9/16"X1-1/4" Learn More
  10. PRIMED 2X4 100"JAMB 1-3/4
    4-9/16"X 1-3/4"RAB Learn More

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Set Descending Direction

1-10 of 386

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