Stock, Custom and Green

You want cost effective sourcing, convenience and selection. And superior service would be nice too, right? Westcoast Moulding & Millwork Limited. gives you all that.

Dedicated Representatives

We know your time is money. At Westcoast Moulding you don’t have to get to know us, we get to know you. As our client, you have your own dedicated Westcoast Moulding representative who knows your specific business and individual project needs. You will always be able to reach us, and we will always give you the best quality and value in home finishing services and options. And did we mention that we deliver anywhere?

Stock, Custom and Green

You get the materials and products that fit your project parameters and at the price you want. Whatever your project or customer requirements, including environmentally friendly options—Westcoast Moulding sources just about every traditional and contemporary, natural and synthetic, stock and custom home finishing product available. What we don't already stock, we source or produce in our millwork shop or from our specialty products partners.

See For Yourself

Contact us or step into our Surrey, British Columbia showroom today to see what our representatives can do for you.

Take a quick look at some of your options:

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