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When it comes to home renovation, wouldn’t it be great to make choices that not only look great but are great for the planet too?

You can! Westcoast Moulding & Millwork carries a wide range of eco-friendly mouldings and wood products that not only look great but also contribute to a sustainable future and a safer home.

At Westcoast Moulding & Millwork, we believe in the importance of preserving the environment and reducing our carbon footprint. We ensure that all our MDF products, including eco-friendly mouldings, sheets, and boards, are Premium Gold Standard and TSCA Title VI compliant. TSCA (Toxic Substances Control Act) is a US federal law that regulates the production, importation, use, and disposal of chemicals in the country. The TSCA Title VI compliance means that our products meet the highest standards for formaldehyde emissions. MDF itself is manufactured with recycled wood fibre and sawdust that otherwise would be dumped in a landfill qualifying for SCS certification—manufactured with at least 80% recycled material. Mouldings made with Hemlock, Fir, and Alder, which are all western woods, are fully certified and farmed and/or harvested sustainably. And all primers we use are low VOC.

Additionally, our products subject to CANFER meet all requirements, including emission testing, certification, labelling, and record-keeping. CANFER (Canadian Formaldehyde Emissions Regulation) is a Canadian law that sets limits for formaldehyde emissions from composite wood products, including mouldings. View CANFER Regulations

Our eco-friendly mouldings and wood products are made from sustainable materials that have minimal impact on the environment. Our suppliers source their wood from responsibly managed forests that meet rigorous environmental standards. We also ensure that our products are free from harmful chemicals that can pose a risk to human health and the environment, so, your home is not only beautiful but safer too.

For LEED-certified projects, FSC certification for your eco-friendly mouldings and wood products is available upon request. FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) is an international organization that sets standards for responsible forest management. FSC-certified mouldings are not only made from wood that comes from forests that are managed in a way that preserves biodiversity, protects endangered species, and supports the rights of forest workers and local communities but conforms to rigorous standards throughout the supply-chain right up to our warehouse.

Eco-Friendly Mouldings

At Westcoast Moulding, we believe in the importance of sustainable and environmentally responsible manufacturing and building practices. All of our moulding products are TSCA Title VI compliant and subject to CANFER, ensuring that they meet the highest standards for formaldehyde emissions and are truly eco-friendly mouldings. For LEED credits and certification we offer FSC-certified mouldings that are made from responsibly managed forest products and maintain rigorous environmental standards throughout the supply chain. With eco-friendly MDF and wood moulding products, you can make choices that not only look great but also contribute to a sustainable future, and a safer home.

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