Placed along the wall at the ceiling, Crown Mouldings anchor the eye and define the wall.  The size of the crown is typically determined by the height of the ceiling but we also recommend that they work in harmony with the size and style of your Baseboards, Casings & Headers.

To make your room appear graceful, use crown moulding. Such moulding is required to come out with a finished look. Usually used for cabinets, pilasters and capping walls but they are also recommended for the headers, casings and baseboards as they work in harmony. They actually define the wall and their size is determined by the ceiling height.

1-1/2″ x 9-1/4″
Projection Measurements (H x P): 6-5/8″ x 6-5/8″

Please select the wood species and the total number of Linear Feet you require for your project.

Not all wood species are stock items. All orders are dependent on availability and may require special orders.

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