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Trends in Interior design come and go, but there’s one timeless element in all of the 8 trends listed below that can elevate any space: mouldings and millwork.

These decorative trimmings have been used for centuries to add depth, texture, and interest to walls, ceilings, and floors. And while classic styles like crown moulding and wainscoting will always have a place in home design, there are some exciting new trends emerging in the world of mouldings and millwork to consider when designing or renovating your space.

8 Trends in Interior Design

  1. Modern Minimalism. One of the biggest trends in interior design right now is a shift toward more minimalistic, streamlined looks. And that trend is definitely making its way into moulding and millwork designs. Simple, clean lines are replacing more ornate styles, with flat baseboards, sleek casings, and subtle crown moulding all contributing to a contemporary, understated look.
  2. Mixed Materials. Another trend that’s gaining popularity is the use of mixed materials in mouldings and millwork. Rather than sticking to just one type of wood or finish, designers are experimenting with combinations like painted and natural wood, or metallic accents alongside traditional trim. This can add a playful, unexpected element to any space.
  3. Layered Mouldings. One of the hottest trends in interior design is the use of layered mouldings. This involves combining different types of mouldings, such as crown moulding, chair rail, and baseboard, to create a more intricate and detailed look. Layered mouldings can be used to create a traditional, formal look, or can be combined with more modern decor to create a more eclectic feel.
  4. Bold Colours. While natural wood finishes will always be classic, some designers are opting for a bolder approach. deep, rich colours like navy, emerald, and even black are being used on mouldings and millwork to create a dramatic, moody effect. This can be especially striking when paired with light walls and furniture.

Rather than settling for off-the-shelf mouldings and millwork, homeowners are working with designers and carpenters to create unique, one-of-a-kind pieces that truly reflect their personal style.

  1. Texture and Pattern. Mouldings don’t have to be flat and unadorned. In fact, adding texture or pattern can be a great way to make a statement in a room. Consider using beaded or fluted trim, or adding a decorative panel to a plain wall for a bit of visual interest.
  2. Feature Walls. Continuing to grow in popularity is the use of bold, eye-catching feature walls. This can be achieved with wainscoting, panel moulding, tabour panels, and shiplap siding or flat stock. Wainscoting adds a classic, timeless look to any room, while panel moulding can be used to create a more modern feel. Either way, using mouldings and millwork on your walls is a great way to add texture and depth to your space.
  3. Statement Ceilings. Gone are the days of plain, boring ceilings. In recent years, interior designers have been using mouldings and millwork to create statement ceilings that really make a room pop. From coffered ceilings to intricate crown moulding, the possibilities are endless. Adding ceiling moulding can make a room feel taller, more spacious, and more luxurious.
  4. Customization. Finally, one trend that’s always in style is customization. Rather than settling for off-the-shelf mouldings and millwork, homeowners are working with designers and carpenters to create unique, one-of-a-kind pieces that truly reflect their personal style. Whether it’s a custom mantle or a hand-carved frieze, there’s no limit to what can be achieved with a little imagination and expertise.

Lets Sum it up!

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