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Architectural Millwork


Consultation, Design & Manufacturing; Turn-key Solutions Designed For The Way You Work.

We provide materials and specialty products designed to your unique project specifications. Whatever your requirements, including environmentally friendly, LEED Certified options – WESTCOAST MOULDING & MILLWORK sources through our Specialty Products partners or designs and manufactures just about every traditional and contemporary, natural and synthetic, in-stock and custom home finishing product possible.

Dedicated Product Experts

With a Dedicated Westcoast Moulding Product Expert on your team, the right product, in-stock or custom is just a call away. Your Product Expert/Sales Representative will make your specific project details a priority ensuring you receive the best quality and value for your specific home finishing services and product needs.

Westcoast Design Collections & Custom Orders

Throughout the year the Westcoast Moulding product team consults with industry design professionals and designs and produces on-trend custom moulding profiles. The latest and recently released is the Westcoast Urban Collection—one of 11 Westcoast Collections of exclusive and curated moulding profiles packaged for ease of selection and specification. Check out the custom profiles we have available and if needed, we can provide scalable PDFs and/or CAD drawings upon request. In addition, work with us to produce your own custom designs.

Wall Panelling

Take a look at the newest profiles in our Surfaces Collection!

  • Slatwall and Reeded panelling are the latest trends in wall applications.

  • Create a three-dimensional effect that is both elegant and modern with slatwall panelling or create a soft textured effect that is vintage inspired with our reeded panelling.

  • All our profiles are made from TSCA Title VI and CANFER Compliant MDF and most come pre-primed.

  • Simply install and paint!

  • Define a Space, Add Interest to a Nook, Create a Feature Wall, Apply to Furnishings, and so much More!

Wall Panelling

View Slatwall and Reeded Panelling Options

Water-Resistant Lumber Alternatives

DURABOARD® - cellular vinyl composite board that looks, feels and installs like wood. DuraBoard is moisture resistant and will not rot, crack, or split proving that it performs better than clear and premium lumber. It is the perfect cost-effective replacement for wood in non-stress bearing applications.
DuraBoard® SED (Factory sealed with a smooth finish on all four edges) is white in colour and stocked Strips from 5/8" x 2-1/2" to 3/4" x 11-1/4" and in unsealed 4’ x 18’ sheets (in an assortment of thicknesses, 3/8" to 1"). As well as exterior use, DuraBoard® SED is perfect for interior applications where moisture is an issue—bathrooms, laundry rooms, mud rooms, and basements.
Custom cutting for ease of handling is available through our Millwork Shop upon request.
For more information on DuraBoard® SED download the DuraBoard® Installation Guide (PDF), Contact us or visit our Showroom to speak directly with a Westcoast Product Expert.

Duraboard® Product Guide

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We've partnered with HB&G Building Products, Inc. for technologically advanced Perma-Lite interior and exterior fiberglass columns, posts, column wraps, caps/bases, railings and pergolas. Cost effective, low maintenance, weather, and insect proof with ready-to-paint finishes.

Faux Beams

Westcoast Moulding offers a wide variety of Polyurethane Decorative Beams that are beautiful and easy to install. Download our Faux Beam Guide below or contact us to speak with a Product Expert and find the right match for your project.

Faux Beams

View Product Options & Accessories

Flexible Mouldings

Every moulding profile in our Moulding Guide is available ‘flexible’. Our solution is a polyester resin-based product that can be installed with glue and pneumatic pin nailers. Great for interior and exterior applications. Contact us today to find out more about flexible mouldings.

Quickstep Outdoor Stair System

Regal Ideas offers a complete easy to install Stair System, from designer stair stringers to stair treads and connector kits. Meets and exceeds Building Code specifications in Canada.

Acrylic Sheets

  • Self-supporting Sneeze Guards
  • Sturdy Frame & Base
  • Unfinished MDF & Clear Acrylic
  • Standard dimensions: 4ft x 8ft Sheets (custom sizes available)
  • Contact Us for Current Pricing

With several offices throughout the lower mainland, we needed to find a PPE piece to help separate visitors from our office staff at our front counters of each office. After sourcing a few suppliers for plexiglass partitions, we found the sneeze guard product from Westcoast Moulding was our best option, as they were well built, the perfect size and favourably priced.

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We’ve Partnered with Trusted Vendors to Provide
Quality Home-Finishing Products Just Right for Your Projects

Custom Millwork and architectural details are a high-end touch for everything from multi-family projects to the finest-designed detached homes. Browse through the vendor websites below and if you see something you like, contact us to speak with a Westcoast Product Expert.

Westcoast Moulding Specialty Products

Discover the Impact Custom Millwork and WCMM Specialty Products can Add to Your Project

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